About Us

Fathi Said,
Owner and CEO
Hello Friend,

My name is Fathi Said. I am the CEO of Host Excellence, and I would like to start by thanking you for taking the time to consider us for your hosting needs. Host Excellence only exists because of our commitment to you, the client. Your needs are our needs, and no expense is spared in meeting these needs.

Our corporate philosophy is very simple: make sure that each day is better than the day before it for ourselves and our clients. Whether this means bringing additional support staff online or implementing new features, we take a holistic, wide-angle view of our services and infrastructure, and always with an eye for improvement.

Yours Sincerely,

Host Excellence

Host Excellence arose out of the ashes of the dot com bubble of the late 90's. From the very beginning, our focus here has been trained on maintaining the very highest level of customer satisfaction available. This is far easier said than done, of course, and it has not been easy in the least. However, the effort involved has, time and again, proven to be the ONLY way to go.

Over the years, this focus has driven an ever-increasing degree of success for Host Excellence, which has translated directly to success for our clients. Keeping the cost of our services low while continuing to improve upon our track record has been an effort, but not one that has been without reward.

Each year yields new advancements in techniques and technologies, and we are always conscious of harnessing these developments, staying at the very forefront of this ever-advancing online world. Many great things are in the works for the coming year, and with each milestone we reaffirm our status as an industry leader in the field of shared hosting.

One of the many key factors which set us apart is the ownership of our own privately owned and operated data center. Located in Columbus, OH, our private data center continues to grow exponentially, bringing dozens of new web, mail, and database servers online per month.

We employ a distributed service architecture, with servers configured to do one thing, and to do it well. Many companies will host a variety of services on a single server. This means that the server cannot focus its resources on any particular task, but must, instead, provide adequate performance across a wide range of functions. Instead of wasting resources in this manner to save a few bucks, we devote each server to a specific task, and optimize the server for that task.

Sporting multiple backbone providers, 24/7 administrative staff, redundant cooling systems, diesel power backup facilities, and much more, Host Excellence has one of the most robust, well managed data centers in the world. This is no accident. We recognize the importance of this, and strive to continue expanding our capacities, refining our performance, and reinforcing our reliability.

We understand what our clients need, and go to great lengths to bring the meeting of these needs to reality. Hosting is about much more than domain names and servers. It's about customer service. It's about dependability and performance. It's about you.

There is a virtual ocean of hosting companies out there to choose from, all promising the same utopian experience. However, when you're operating on a limited budget, but cannot afford the compromises associated with most shared hosting, Host Excellence is the only logical choice.

Host Excellence is no small operation. Quite the opposite, in fact! We maintain a corporate footprint in 5 countries on 3 continents. Our state of the art data center, which was custom built from the ground up, is located in Columbus, Ohio, along with our corporate headquarters. We also have offices in Ukraine, India, and Romania. This international presence is well suited to service internet-related industries, customers, and meaningful partnerships across the globe.
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