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There are many different shopping carts systems available. Many are php or asp based and most can easily be installed. We provide oscommerce to our customers which can be installed at the click of a single button.

1. Preinstalled osCommerce

Your control panel comes with a one click install on-line store builder, called osCommerce.

NOTE: After initial setup the shopping cart is functional but not operational, until the store is fully configured and setup with a merchant account. This document is not a storefront management guide. It only explains how to install and access the integrated e-stores from your control panel. For instructions on how to operate your on-line shop visit the manufactures website.

a. Setting up osCommerce

To set up osCommerce online shop, do the following:
  • Click osCommerce on the control panel.
  • On the page that shows enable osCommerce for the online store domain.
  • Create a database and a user. osCommerce uses MySQL databases to store your commercial data, such as products, catalogs, etc.

    WARNING: Assigning a previously created MySQL database for use by osCommerce will clear contents of all its tables. The databases used by osCommerce will show among your MySQL databases marked "Locked By osCommerce." You can manage osCommerce databases with any MySQL GUI client or the built-in phpMyAdmin control panel.

    NOTE: You should set password protection on your "admin" directory using the Htprotect utility. This is done to restrict public access to osCommerce configuration.
b. osCommerce controls

ON/OFF: Enable/disable the resource.

NOTE: Switching off or editing your osCommerce can permanently remove all your osCommerce settings, databases, etc. So after you disable/enable it, you will have to configure it from scratch.

EDIT: Click the icon in the case that you somehow corrupted the templates and want to get them fixed. It can also be useful if you have just set your e-shop to use a SSL certificate. This option resets the configuration file using the current hosting settings and restores the osCommerce files from the bundle.

E-SHOP: Click the icon to go directly to your on-line store.

ADMIN: Click the icon to go to your osCommerce administrative panel.

c. More information

For more information refer to the manufactures website:

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2. Shopping cart options

a. Setting up other shopping carts

Our hosting packages will support most of the popular shopping cart applications. It is always best to check the system requirements for the shopping cart software which you want to install prior to attempting installation. You can always contact us if you need specific compatibility information. Open source shopping carts such as Zen Cart, X Cart and Cube Cart are supported on both our Windows and Linux packages.

Setting up a shopping cart from scratch is not for everyone, it can be time consuming and complicated. External shopping cart services can be much easier to setup and maintain. Providers such as King-Cart are all inclusive and work as a complimentary add-on to a hosting account.

b. How to setup

Shopping cart applications such as Zen Cart are usually php or asp based and often downloaded as a compressed zip file. Most of the time there are installation instructions available in the downloaded file.

The general flow is as follows:
  • The downloaded file needs to be uploaded to your hosting account.
  • You then need to extract or uncompress the downloaded file.
    • This can be accomplished from the WebShell3 utility on your control panel.
    • Navigate to the folder where you would like to install the application.
    • Select the file you uploaded and then select the uncompress option to the right. (NOTE: This will remove any files or folders with the same name and location.)
    • This will extract the website and install files to a directory with the name of the compressed file.
    • You will access the in your browser and it will start the installation.
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