NEW! Easy, Fast HE Website Builder

Bad design can lose you visitors, sales, and respect.  Make your site look professional in minutes with
our new Site Builder.

  • Step 1: Pick Your Template There are hundreds to choose from!
  • Step 2: Customize Your Site Just a few clicks, and you can add the pages you need and the text you need wherever you want it!
  • Step 3: Publish It! And your professional-looking, polished design will be instantly available to the world.

You'll have total control over how your site looks and
none of the headache of finding and paying
for a designer, all for only $5/mo.

YES!  I want to get started on my new site now!

Great features for more sales.

  • Build a site that customers will remember and return to! Choose from tons of stunning templates.
  • Make changes any time! You're in control.
  • Decrease Bounce Rate: this refers to everyone leaving your site because they're unimpressed.  This can greatly increase your search engine rankings!
  • Facebook Page builder.  Ever wanted a professional Facebook Page? Point, Click, Done.  Holy cow.
  • Increase conversions & revenue.
  • Mobile-ready designs and SEO-friendly.  No longer lose all the visitors trying to view your site on their phones.

Frequently asked questions

How difficult is the site builder to use?

We know. A lot of tools these days are said to be "simple to use" but wind up coming with no instructions and a lot of complicated features. This is truly simple. It's a point-and-click solution. When you see a template you like, you just choose it and click on the areas you want to customize. Plus, if you get stuck anywhere, our support team is there to help you!

What if I don't like it? Can I just go back to my old site?

Site Builder has hundreds and hundreds of great templates to choose from, but if you find that you really don't like Site Builder, you can restore your site from a backup and cancel the service. It's important to make sure that you keep a copy of your old site backed up somewhere so that you can always restore back to it. We keep copies of your old site too, but they only go back so far and you want to be sure you have the right backup.

How do I upload my new site when it's ready?

Site Builder will automatically do that for you when you're ready to publish. All you have to do is pick your template, customize it with the text you want, and publish it for the world to see!

What about the pages I already have? There are a lot of text/images/stuff I want to keep.

It won't be hard to import your pages into Site Builder, but you may have to reupload images or relink multimedia within your new template. A support representative can always help you out, if you get stuck.

If I cancel my service at any point, do I lose my site?

You will lose your Site Builder site, the ability to edit it, and the ability to re-publish unless you restore service. You pay a small fee each month for the ability to edit your site at any time and keep your site design up and running. If you don't like the service but have added new content, we recommend that you back up what you've written and the images or multimedia pages you created so that you can rebuild the content.

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