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Oakley W. Melton III -
Rank: - Excellent Work
Customer since: 19 June 2006 Posted on: 18 April 2007

Audio Testimonial
“Reasonable Prices And
Best Ever Experienced Customer Service”

My name is Oakley Webster Melton III and I am the owner of Video Memories in Montgomery, Alabama. My website is

I was interested last June in getting a website for my video business and I was just randomly searching the internet when I came across Host Excellence. I liked the professional look of their website, it was easy to understand and the prices seemed reasonable. I signed up June 19th, 2006, and it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I made in the year 2006.

I decided to use Host Excellence’s software to design my own site and, while it did not happen over night, I ended up saving thousands of dollars as to what a professional webmaster would have charged me.

The bottom line is I could not have done it without the incredible customer service of Host Excellence. It is as good – oh let’s be honest – it is the best I have ever experienced. It did not matter if it was 3 am or 3 pm – and usually it was 3 am – but staff members like Midnight Joel, James, Timothy, Bobby, Anthony, Vimi, Lauren and all the rest were there to walk you through every step and answer every question. And all the time giving you the feeling they had all the time in the world.

You can check out the rest, but as for me I'll stick with the best. Host Excellence.

Kevin McDonough -
Rank: - Excellent Work
Customer since: 24 August 2006 Posted on: 8 May 2007
“We found exactly what our growing business needed with Host Excellence”

Hello, my name is Kevin, and I represent We're based in the United States and we specialize in public safety, corporate apparel, and tactical gear.

Video Testimonial

Before signing on with Host Excellence in August of 2006, we needed a web hosting company that could guide us through the entire site building and web hosting process, and after researching nearly 23 major web hosting companies, Host Excellence's first-rate services and unmatched customer care put the entire web hosting package into perspective.

We found exactly what our growing business needed with Host Excellence. If you demand rock-solid dependability and the piece of mind in having available the most knowledgeable and professional direct line technicians, then look no further than Host Excellence. We clearly rank Host Excellence five out of five stars. Thank you Host Excellence!

William Fambrough -
Rank: - Excellent Work
Customer since: 10 October 2005 Posted on: 31 May 2007
“Your hosting company has a direct effect on how your customers view you. If your site is down, or there are server issues or problems, your customer sees you, not your host, as the problem”

Host Excellence is simply the best! I’ve tried many hosting companies in the past, but I was searching for the best and I found it with Host Excellence. Host Excellence, the name says it all.

Video Testimonial

I was having a problem trying to setup one of my services offered by Host Excellence. Of course, they have an excellent step-by-step online manual that walks you through the process, but for some reason, I just was not making it happen. I went online and used the chat helpdesk. Immediately, a Host Excellence service representative asked how could they help me. Within a few minutes, they had my problem solved. I felt so thankful. I had not had this level of service before. I have not tried the phone help line, but I’ll bet they are excellent also.

You know, price is very important in today’s society, but a business like mine is looking for reliable service. I want a company with the highest standards, just like me. Your hosting company has a direct effect on how your customers view you. If your site is down, or there are server issues or problems, your customer sees you, not your host, as the problem. I have been so satisfied with Host Excellence, I have never had any server issues whatsoever.

And you know what? Host Excellence has the best price. I do not know how they do it, but I’m glad to recommend them to anyone I know. They have service, reliability, and the best value on the net. What more could you ask for in your hosting service? Thank you, Host Excellence!

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